Dual Write Setup Error: Microsoft.Dynamics.Integrator.Exceptions

When I was trying to Link the environment in FO with CE for Dual Write, got the below error at the Create step.

Saving connection set failed!
[UnknownError] [Type : Microsoft.Dynamics.Integrator.Exceptions.IntegratorInternalException]Duplicate companies “” found in Common Data Service. Please remove the duplicate(s) and try again.

Followed the below steps and resolved this issue.

Step 1: Open the Dynamics CE Environment, for which the FO environment is linked to CE for Dual Write.

Step 2: Open Advanced Find and Look for Companies.

Step 3: Click on Results. You can see some duplicate records got created without Company Code and Name.

Step 4: Select all the records and Click on Delete Company.

Duplicate Records will be deleted and remaining will not be deleted.

Issue will be resolved and continue to link the Environment in FO; you will not see this issue anymore.

Hope you have successfully Linked the FO to CE environment for Dual Write.

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