(MMDBs) Multimedia Databases

We have number of data types that can be sais as multimedia data types. Text, images, Audio, Vedio and Graphic Object are the basic types of multimedia database.
Multimedia data are blessed with a number of exciting features. They can provide more effective dissemination of information in science, engineering , medicine, modern biology, and social sciences. It also facilitates the development of new paradigms in distance learning, and interactive personal and group entertainment. MultiMedia Databases (MMDBs) have to cope up with the increased usage of a large volume of multimedia data being used in various software applications. The applications include digital libraries, manufacturing and retailing, art and entertainment, journalism and so on.

Contents of MMDB

An MMDB needs to manage several different types of information pertaining to the actual multimedia data. They are: 

    * Media data - This is the actual data representing images, audio, video that are captured, digitized,
       processes, compressed and stored. 

    * Media format data - This contains information pertaining to the format of the media data after it
       goes through the acquisition, processing, and encoding phases. For instance, this consists of 
       information such as the sampling rate, resolution, frame rate, encoding scheme etc. 

    * Media keyword data - This contains the keyword descriptions, usually relating to the generation 
       of the media data. For example, for a video, this might include the date, time, and place of 
       recording , the person who recorded, the scene that is recorded, etc This is also called as content 
       descriptive data. 

    * Media feature data - This contains the features derived from the media data. A feature
       characterizes the media contents. For example, this could contain information about the 
       distribution of colors, the kinds of textures and the different shapes present in an image. This 
       is also referred to as content dependent data.