Mobile App Development Soon To Be Revolutionized, All Thanks To AI

Technological innovations are pretty much on the rise. In the past couple of decades, we all have come across a variety of astronomical advancements in various general-purpose technologies (GPT). Emerging from the realm of science fiction to becoming a stark reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining widespread traction.

Today, everyone seems to be talking about how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing various areas of daily life and business is no exception. They have already begun investing in artificial intelligence to grow their businesses. The potential for AI in the mobile marketing industry is now growing with  high momentum and should be something mobile app marketers are beginning to adopt as part of their strategy. In fact, Amazon uses AI to predict buying behavior and make recommendations to their customers based on their previous purchases. 

So, what is Artificial Intelligence all about?

It’s the simulation of the human intelligence process by machines that includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction, to be precise. For example, chat-bots, smart sensors, Alexa, Siri and much more are dominating the market by delivering the best customer service.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, mobile app developers have started putting their prime focus on enhancing the customer experience and exploring more ways to provide personalization and boost the user experience. Smart Watches, security systems, home appliances can be easily connected with each other as AI acts as the mediator for the user to command the things around them. 

Why is it so hyped?
  • Automates repetitive learning and discovery through deeper data
  • Adds Intelligence
  • Adapts progressive learning algorithm
  • Achieves incredible accuracy
Let’s go through these following scenarios where Artificial Intelligence-enabled mobile apps can help businesses to create a great user-experience for the customers.

Personalization Capability 

With the expansion of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps, users can now completely replenish the existing user experience. At present, a vast amount of data can reveal how the customers are spending hours in the aisle, purchasing behavior, interest and much more. Thismeans customer behavior could be understood in just a couple of minutes and one can receive in-depth insights about the customer preferences. For instance, Starbucks came up with the AI-powered mobile app called My Starbucks Barista where users simply have to tell what they want and the order will be placed.

Better Predictive Reply

A predictive reply can act as the communication between the user and the device where AI technology understands the message and responds to it precisely. Information can be easily extracted from the existing data sets in order to determine the pattern and predict the outcome. Let’s take an example of Google’s Gmail app, it offers a new feature of Smart Reply by using artificial neural networks to send appropriate responses to the email messages. More importantly, predicting replies helps in providing fast replies which makes it easy for the customers and brands to resolve the queries in less time.

Voice-based search

The day is not so far away when your dinner table will be your search bar and night lamp will be how to shop for the best bulbs. Basically, the entire world will feel  like  you don’t have to lift a finger to get a task done. You just need to say  what you are looking for into any object. Tech giants like Amazon have already come up with Alexa to make the task easier just by saying a command and and Alexa will do it for you.

Machine learning 

Machine learning mobile apps is a kind of a technique that involves dealing with enormous amounts of data and then digging out the actionable insights. Being one of the best computing processes,  ML provides efficient, cost-effective, reliable solutions and ultimately increases decision making power, making the process a data-driven affair. For example, Machine learning AI infused mobile apps help doctors  monitor the health patients and also enables doctor to give an alert about the medications necessary on a particular date. Facebook’s News Feed uses AI integrated machine learning algorithms to personalize the user’s feed. And in case you like someone's post or a type of particular post on a frequent basis, the News Feed will start to provide you with a similar feed.

Boost the content quality

Like I said before, AI is dominating the market like never before. This helps Search Engines fetch the result that is most appropriate. Since Search Engines are becoming smarter there is no doubt in expecting that these strategies will be brilliant as long as they have white-hat techniques for a better ranking in long term.

Certain elements such as unique style content, the tone of writing, and USP are crucial for every business. So as long as the quality of the fed data is good, AI can create campaigns more quickly and easily than humans can.

So that’s all for now! For more updates, get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company in India!