Most Useful Excel Functions

Basic Excel Introduction

Microsoft Excel is use for creating different types of reports related  to business, education, and private data. We can create the reports in a tabular manner and also we can present our report through graphics and charts.
The graphics and charts help us to understand our report in an easy way.
There are different types of formulas and functions also available in Excel, which help us to work quickly and solve the fundamentals using inbuilt functions.
The following common functions of Excel are the most-used:
  • Financial functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Date & Time functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Math Functions
These help us to create various types of reports according to the requirement.
Most Useful Excel Functions
Presenting a report to show how to use formulas or functions,

List of functions which are used in Mark-sheet,
Used to get total subject marks.
Used to get minimum mark from all subjects.
Used to get maximum mark from all subjects.
Used to get average from all subject marks, or it’s equal to percentage also.
Used to check some conditions in the sheet.
Most Useful Excel Functions
Formulas of Mark-Sheet (Note:- Press enter after completion of formula)
For Total:- =sum(all subject selection)
For Min:- =min(all subject selection)
For Max:- =max(all subject selection)
For Average:- =average(all subject selection)
For Percentage:- =select total of subject marks*100/400(depend on subjects , in above mark-sheet there are 4 subject and the each subject exam mark is 100 so the total is 400.)
Result:- =if(select min mark>=35,”pass”,”fail”)
Grade =if(select average >75,”A”, if(select average >65,”B”, if(select average >55,”C”, if(select average >45,”D”))))
The bellw picture show the formulas which are used in mark-sheet
Most Useful Excel Functions
I have attached zip file of this example excel sheet with all functions and formulas so you can easily download and use it.


In this blog we learned Most Useful Excel Functions and Formulas
I hope that you found this tutorial easy to follow and understand.

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