MS Teams Quick Learning Blog Tutorials - Part One


MS Teams is a Central Hub for Communication and Productivity.
Communicate options
  1. For Reading Emails through Notifications/Feeds. Outlook and Teams can integrate. You can navigate to the Channel. Select Ellipsis and get Email address, copy and paste that address to interact with your mails and it can be populated into Teams,
  2. Persistent Chat:
    Messages are saved in succession. We can always hover over those important Conversations/Chats and Flag them. To review back those items goto your Profile Icon>>Save gives all the list of all saved chats.
  3. Group Chat can be titled by clicking the Pencil option which can be available on the Left Panel Menu. We can also Pin the chat for easy and quick usage.
  4. Connectors:
    A few of the above services can be used for accessing your MS Teams using the Connectors concept.
  5. Transcripts:
    Has the ability to record the meetings, but they can also be Transcribed.
When the recording is completed, open it in Microsoft Stream >> Edit option >> Select English Language>> Keep Toggle on for Autogenerating a caption file >> Choose Apply
Next time you open the video, you can see the Transcript generated along with the dialogues of the Meeting.
If not happening, select settings and show transcripts.
Transcript supported Languages are only English and Spanish.
Adding Apps
We can add additional apps like Planner, Excel, Forms, OneNote, etc.
We can also add from other environments like Polly with Polling Capabilities, MailClark with capabilities to access the Email and reply back to them without going to it directly and saves time due to this kind of Apps Integration both O365 and non-O365.
You can find many Apps as per your needs by following the above process and checking the Apps section.
Save Time by following the Shortcuts
Ctrl+E brings the cursor to the Search bar to search for anything.
Ctrl+G activates the Goto function to quickly navigate to the various available Teams created.
Ctrl+N will open a new Chat Window for you
Options to navigate across various important sections use the below shortcuts,
  • Ctrl+1 for Activity
  • Ctrl+2 for Chat
  • Ctrl+3 for Teams
  • Ctrl+4 for Meetings
  • Ctrl+5 for Calls
  • Ctrl+6 for Files
Commands allow you to perform specific actions without moving out of Teams.
For example:
/busy sets my Status to Busy & /available sets it back to available
/call>>Hit Tab>>Type the Name>>To begin the call
@[Type someone’s name]>> To instantly type a message that can be sent to that particular User’s Chat/Conversation section without moving to that area manually that saves a lot of time.
MS Teams is not only for Team work but also for Collaboration items, Group project work etc.
We can create Private Team with Users restriction on some Special Billable projects encouraging only the required users to be a part of it to
access, respond, contribute, etc.
Files list can enable us to access the Onedrive for Work files and complete the tasks promoting Individuality and higher-level Team Collaboration.
Stay Tuned for Part 2! 

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