Naming Connventions

What is Naming Convention?

Naming convention is something which answers a question “How to name an element.” 
In programming, it can be defined as set of rules which tells how a identifier will be named, like

  • What all characters are permissible?
  • How it should be formatted or organized?
    And so on...

When it comes to naming, it's a quite contentious topic.

Why Naming Convention is required?

Try to read the following word.
It's challenging to read it in a single glance.
Now try to read this one

The answer is

  • Respectable programming is that where code is healthy written, which can be easily read and apprehend. 
    And for readability naming convention is must. No one can read my name if I write like “sukeshmarla”, but can if it's like “Sukesh Marla”.
  • When we talk about a project, we have a team. And it will be a very difficult when every programmer in a team use his own way or standard for defining variables. Difficulties in both management and understanding. It becomes even more difficult when a team member resigns and new guys take handover 
    So why every company defines centralized Naming Conventions and brings consistency.
  • Readability and consistency reduced effort needed to read and understand the code (especially written by other developers).
  • A proper naming convention with modern enhanced Intellisense feature drastically improves the development speed.
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