Computer Network


n      Interconnection of two or more computers and peripherals

n      Allows user to share and transfer information



Types of Computer Networks


n      Networks are classified depending on the geographical area covered by the network


 Local Area Network (LAN) – I


n      Covers a small area

n      Connects computers and workstations covering a local area like, office or home


  Local Area Network (LAN) - II


n      Advantages of LAN:

q     Improves productivity due to faster work

q     Provides easy maintenance

q     New systems can be installed and configured easily

n      Disadvantages of LAN:

q     Limited number of systems can only be connected

q     Cannot cover large area

q     Network performance degrades as number of users exceeds


 Types of LAN


LANs are classified depending on the techniques used for data sharing


LAN Types


Token Ring

Token Bus


Campus Area Network (CAN)


n      Made up of multiple LANs within limited area

n      Connects different LANs in a campus


Metropolitan Area Network


n      Interconnects networks within a city

n       Supports data and voice transmission



Wide Area Network


n      Covers a wide geographical area which includes multiple computers or LANs e.g. Internet



Client/Server Configuration


n      Consists of two elements, Client and Server

n      Server:

q     A centralized element which provides resources to client

q     Manages data, printers or network traffic

n      Client:

q     Manages local resources used by users such as monitor, keyboard, CPU and peripherals



Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model - I


n      Also known as ISO-OSI Reference Model

n      Developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

n      Describes flow of information from one computer to another

n       Consists of seven layers


Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model - II


Network Selection Criteria


n      Helps to improve network functionality



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