New Features In SharePoint 2019 Public Preview

Several new features have been added to the Public Preview of SharePoint 2019.

Several new features have been added to the Public Preview of SharePoint 2019. Let us explore these below.

  1. Fast Site Creation for support with the following site templates: One Drive personal site, Team site (modern only), Communication site.
  2. Document library storage file size has been increased from 10 GB to 15 GB.
  3. SP 2019 Public Preview has modern experience for list and libraries in team sites. It is the same as we have in SP Online.
  4. Modern Search is supported in SP2019 PP, users can see results as they type.
  5. Access Service 2013 now supports SendEmail action for sending email messages from apps.
  6. PDF Documents can be rendered on the server and no longer need to rely on a PDF Viewer client application.
  7. SharePoint home page has a modern UI experience which is very similar to SP Online.
  8. Now, from SharePoint home, we can create a new site under different web applications using self-site creation.
  9. Self Service site creation on SharePoint home page now supports AAM zones.
  10. SP 2019 Public Preview now supports # and % characters in file and folders names.
  11. In Health Analyzer rules, People Picker health rule has been added.
  12. SMTP Authentication health rule also has been added to Health Analyzer.
  13. File path length limit  has increased from 260 to 400 characters.

Deprecated Features in SharePoint 2019 Public Preview

  1. Access Service 2010 and 2013 are deprecated but will remain supported in SP 2019 Public Preview.
  2. InfoPath Services is also deprecated from SP 2019 Public Preview.
  3. Microsoft confirms that no new SP designer will be released and it will be supported until 2026

Removed Features in SharePoint 2019 Public Preview

  1. Code-Sandbox solutions are removed, users need to explore SP add-ins as an alternative.
  2. Visio diagrams have 2 options: PNG based and Microsoft Silverlight based. Silverlight will not be supported as of Oct ober 12, 2021. Visio diagrams will be rendered using PNG based technology.


Deprecated features are features which are no longer offered by Microsoft but they will continue to support them. These features can be removed in the future with no additional notice.

The removedEdited feature is no longer supported by Microsoft in SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview. In many cases, the feature is actually removed from the product.