Office 365 Login Still Sucks

Office 365 Login Still Sucks

Do you remember Microsoft's single sign on and then Windows Live ID? It was and still it is a pain in the butt. Recently, Microsoft announced Office 2013 integration with Office 365 but more and more I use it, I found Office 365 is more confused than ever.

First of all, when you sign up for Office 365 using your Live ID, you will get this long ass email/login ID that includes bunch of “microsoft on” and there is no way I could remember it as my login id.


Are you kidding me?

When you come next time, it asked you to sign out and then Sign in again. OK, don't even try Chrome or Firefox. Right now, Office 365 Beta works in IE only.


Every time I try to login to Office 365 (unless you have a single computer and single login), Office 365 gets more and more confused.

It looks like Office/Microsoft team is still confused about their login process.

I hope they figure this out before the final product goes to public. 


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