Open source LINQ for JavaScript

Open source LINQ for JavaScript



if you like working with javascript / jquery and you are  ASP.NET C#  developer and  knowlage of LINQ then linq.js is very useful for you. Its support more than 50 methods.

Using this .js file  you can

  • Generating Methods
  • Filtering Methods
  • Join
  • Set
  • Ordering
  • Grouping
  • Aggregate
  • Paging
  • Convert Methods like (ToArray, ToObject, ToDictionary, ToJSON, ToString)
  • Action Methods like (ForEach, Write….)
  • Functional Methods
  • Error Handling
  • IEnumerator
  • Dictionary


You can download it from  and it's Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

I hope this information is very useful for javascript developer.




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