Outlook.pst Can Not Be Accessed - Getting Error 0x80040116

If you are unable to access the Outlook and getting a 0x80040116 error, then follow this step by step solution to fix this Outlook data file error 0x80040116. 

While accessing the Outlook, we may face different kinds of errors. Sometimes, the error 0x80040116 is also thrown by MS Outlook. Often, it comes while we send or receive an e-mail. With this error, we were unable to access the Outlook PST files.

Here are many possible reasons why we get this Outlook 0x80040116 error.

  • Oversize of the PST file
  • Heavy Outlook Mailbox
  • Corruption of the header file
  • Outlook not shutting down properly

But the main reason for getting an error is that the Outlook PST file has been corrupted or damaged. So here, we are going to discuss how to fix the 0x80040116 error. For the solution, just follow all these steps.

Step 1

First, you need to open the control panel and go to "Mail".

Step 2

Once you click on the "Mail" option, a window will pop up; you need to hit the "Show profiles" option.

Step 3

After that, a pop up will open. Click on Properties >> Data file.

Step 4

In the data file window, you will see a "Set as default" option. Just hit it.

Step 5

Now, you will get the Outlook data file and here, click "New" in the Email tab.

Step 6

The "Add new E-mail account" window will open on the screen. Here, choose Microsoft Exchange, POP3 IMAP, or HTTP (in the Outlook 2007) >> Next.

In the Outlook 2010 or latest version, you will see the "E-Mail Accounts" option.

Step 7

Put all the required information like Name, E-mail, and Password followed by clicking on Next.

Now, the new Outlook account has been created and after creating that profile, you need to enable “Always use this profile” radio button. Once it is done, your PST data will download in that newly created profile.

Maybe your problem has been resolved. But if you have still faced the same problem, then I will recommend you to use “ScanPST.exe” provided by Microsoft for free. It will easily repair your PST file.

Repair the corrupted PST using ScanPST.exe

Step1 - Find the location.

In Outlook 2007

C drive > Program Files (x86) >Microsoft Office >Office12 > Scanpst.exe

In Outlook 2010,

C drive > Program Files (x86) >Microsoft Office >Office14 > Scanpst.exe

In Outlook 2013,

C drive > Program Files (x86) >Microsoft Office >Office15 > Scanpst.exe

In Outlook 2016,

C drive > Program Files (x86) >Microsoft Office >root>Office16 > Scanpst.exe

While you are searching the PST, you need to ensure that the hidden files or folders are shown.

Step 2

After that, open the application and click the Browse button and add the location.

Step 3

Now, click Start and it will scan the PST automatically. When it has found an error, it will report it to you.

Step 4

If an error is found, just click Repair>> Ok.


In this blog, I explained how to fix the error 0x80040116 and repair the corrupted or damaged PST file. If you have any doubts, then leave a message in the comment box.