Performance Issues And Solutions For List And Libraries In SharePoint

The main reason for the performance issue is, lack of planning and not following the best practices.

Here, I have listed down few things, which may be the reason for causing performance issues.

  • Lack of proper planning in creation of SharePoint List and Library.
  • Views with proper grouping and filter are not implemented.
  • Absence of archival process of the old documents or the list items will result in performance issue, if not maintained properly.
  • No cleanup activities on List or Library to remove the unwanted items.

How to improve the performance of List or Library?

  • Enabling indexing and implementing proper filters and grouping in views.
  • Using proper folder structure to organize the content.
  • Based on the usage and type of the content, you can plan for Document center site, if the content is more related to documents repository.
  • Implement proper retention policies by setting an expiry date for the created documents.
  • Cleanup lists and libraries periodically.
  • Storing high volume of media and other documents to OneDrive or secondary storage and have those links stored in a list.
  • In SharePoint 2016, there are lot of new features for document libraries, which have been introduced, which are mentioned below.

    • Durable links (no more bad links, even if you move the files from one directory to another, Still the users will be able to make use of the old links to the document). Note- It works only for Microsoft Office documents and PDFs.
    • Now we can use OneDrive for business to store the files and can be shared with the other users.
    • Large file support: Now its supports uploading and downloading files larger than 2,047 MB.
    • Special characters are allowed in the filenames.
    • Threshold limit has been increased above 5000 and auto indexing is in place.