PHP (Personal Home Page) - Day 3

For XAMPP (cross platform + apache + mySql + Php + perl )

XAMPP is the open source package and most popular PHP development environment.

Go to this link -

And download the XAMPP.

During installation user name- root and password- blank

After installation open the xampp folder it looks like this

And XAMPP control panel is

For WAMP (windows + acache + mySql + PHP)

WAMP is also open source package.

Go to this link -

And download 32 bit or 64 bit as per your need.

After installation Wamp folder looks like this

And open Startwampserver from menu items , after open it should looks like this

Thanks friend- after this article we will start the programming part.

Note: during installation it is very important that no any other server run on your system except Apache. If any server already run then uninstall that server before installation.

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