Posting JSON In Python

In this blog, I am going to show the process of posting JSON information in Python console


In this blog, I am going to show how to post JSON information in Python console.

Software requirement

Python 3.5 and IDLE (Python 3.5)

Programming code

  1. #Posting json in Python  
  2. #import packages  
  3. import requests  
  4. import simplejson as json  
  5. #variable  
  6. url=""  
  7. #Payload  
  8. payload={"longUrl"""}  
  9. #Headers  
  10. headers={"Content-Type: application/json"}  
  11. #Request  
  12. r=, json=payload)  
  13. #Output statement  
  14. print(r.text)  

About the code

First, I am importing the requests and simplejson modules.

Next, setting a variable and assigning the payload, headers value.

Finally, I have written the request and output statement to show the result in Python console.

Then, let’s execute the code.