PowerApps - How To Get Current Logged In User Details In An App

I have an app generated automatically using PowerApps named EmployeesApp in a custom SharePoint Online list. In this blog, you will see how to get the details of the current logged in user, such as  full name, and set that as default value to the text box. You will be able to get logged in user’s FullName, Email, and Image by using the below functions.

  • User().Email
  • User().FullName
  • User().Image

Get current logged in user details

Navigate to EmployeesApp created in a custom SharePoint Online list.

Edit the app using PowerApps Studio. Select the text box to which you need to set default values as current logged in user's full name. Click "Unlock" to change the properties in Advanced tab.

Select "Default" in property box and type “User().FullName” in the formula bar.


Save and publish the app. The name of the current logged in user will be set as default value.