Print A Message In Local Machine With Xamarin Forms

We will use Visual Studio 2015 for Xamarin Forms and also we will update it on volume level two so we can use it easily. So first of all we open Visual Studio and then we open the project as shown in Fig(1)

There are seven options because we installed volume two of the Visual Studio update. If we look closely in the figure there is a highlighted option in which we select and work. This is the option where we are going to work. Blank Xaml App has multiple options which we need in the future. There are two options; the first is to create a directory for the solution and the second is to create a new Git Repository. We will use only one option, which is the first option. Then we name the app X_Module2 and click ok.

Now in the second fig(2) we can see the multiple option in the right and the Xaml code in the left. In the left we have multiple options to make an app in a different platform, for example Android, Windows phone, and iOS. You can also say that we will make one app and we will run in these platforms in just a minute. So we will do our code in the portable project which is mentioned on the top right of the figure. As we can see in the figure, there is an xaml file open where we will do our code. But there is a small code which was wriiten which will give us the output of a message, “Welcome to Xamarin Forms!”.

Now we are printing the first message in the local machine. If we print the message correctly in the local machine we will run this app in other devices/projects as well.

  1. First we will right click the window 8.1 project and see the option menu as shown in the figure(3) above.
  2. There is a red circle which is pointing to the option Set as Startup Project. We will click this option.
  3. There is a black circle which is pointing to the option Local Machine. Click this option and wait for  two seconds.

After doing the above three steps we will get this black screen which shows the output of the app, which is “Welcome to Xamarin Forms!”. This will indicate that the first project of displaying the simple message is successful. Now we can run in other devices/projects by repeating the above three steps in the different project s, for example iOS, Android, and in Windows phone. This app will run successfully.