Psconfig commands

PSCONFIG.exe – equivalent to running the SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard, create/connect to a config database, create Central Administration web application, install services and features to the environment

The Psconfig commands must be performed in the following order to :


2.helpcollections ------->install all help collections.

3.secureresources ---->Performs SharePoint  Products resource security enforcement on the server(Ex:-security is enforced on files, folders, and registry keys). --->manage SP product servises.have 2 parameters install, provision( provision, support will single server, stand alone installation. Not for Farm installation).

5.installfeatures-->Registers any SharePoint Products and Technologies features located on the file system of this server with the server farm. 

6.adminvs--->Manages the SharePoint Central Administration Web application on the local computer(Create central administration website)

7.evalprovision (only for stand-alone installations)


9.upgrade ------>Performs an upgrade of SharePoint Products

psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -create -server <SQL Server name> -database <database name> -user <AD user account> -password <AD user password>

(if you are adding an additional server to a farm, replace -create by -connect and stop after the command psconfig -cmd installfeatures)

psconfig -cmd helpcollections -installall
psconfig -cmd secureresources
psconfig -cmd services -install------->Registers the services in the server farm that are located on this server.
psconfig -cmd installfeatures
psconfig -cmd adminvs -provision -port 8000 -windowsauthprovider onlyusentlm----->Create central administration website
psconfig -cmd applicationcontent -install
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