Push Notification In Mobile For Email From Client


In this blog, we will create a flow that sends a push notification to your mobile if any new email arrives from a specific client (email address of your client). The flow also marks any such email as read.
Steps to Follow,
1. Sign in to Microsoft Flow, and then select the My flows tab.
2. Select Create.
3. Select “Automated Flow” 
4. Search for "email", and then select “When a new email arrives” from the list of triggers. This trigger runs each time an email arrives.
5. Select the folder as Inbox for incoming emails, and then select Show advanced options.
6. In the From box, enter the email address of the sender (client).
7. Your flow takes action on any emails that are sent from this address.
8. Select New step > Add an action.
9. Search for "notification," and then select Notifications - Send me a mobile notification from the list of actions.
10. Enter the details for the mobile notification you'd like to receive whenever a message arrives from the email address that you entered earlier.
11. Select New step > Add an action.
12. Search for "read", and then select “Mark as read” from the list of actions.
13. In the Mark as read, add the “Messaged” token in the Message-Id box. If the Message-Id token isn't visible, search for it by entering Message Id in the search box. 
14. Save the Flow.


In this blog, I have shown how to create  flows, and trigger them based on an email's sender.