Ready for Visual Studio 11

Ready for Visual Studio 11

Are you ready for Visual Studio 11? Wonder what will be different in the next version of Visual Studio 2010, the best tool for developers?

At BUILD and in his blog, Soma Segar talks about Visual Studio 11. While productivity is the key focus, Visual Studio 11 will be more widely spread and not only focus on C#, VB or C++ but also provide tools to build applications using HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

From Soma's blog,

“One of the most notable advances in these Windows and Visual Studio releases is the ability to create consumer-focused, Windows Metro style apps using HTML.  Many of you have invested heavily in learning to create compelling Web experiences, and you can now apply your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS towards building rich client apps for Windows 8.  Visual Studio 11 provides end-to-end support for these efforts, spanning the development, debugging, and deployment lifecycle.  To complement this code-centric perspective, with Expression Blend 5 Developer Preview we are also introducing a unique new visual authoring tool for designing Metro style apps using HTML. Blend delivers high-fidelity visual HTML authoring and CSS styling, and works effectively with the dynamically generated UI that is so prevalent in client-side apps. “

Recently, Microsoft is really focusing on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. While Silverlight is still the development technology for Microsoft's Web based platform, Microsoft is giving enough tools to developers to build non Silverlight applications.

New version of Expression Blend also has options design and builds HTML and CSS applications. These applications can also utilize XAML, and C#.




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