Restore Deleted Items From Recycle Bin In SharePoint

In this blog, I have explained how to retrieve the files or list items from your SharePoint Recycle Bin.


There are so many frustrating things that keep happening in SharePoint, such as, accidentally deleting some of the SharePoint list items, documents, or pages. But, we have an option to restore the items from the Recycle Bin located inside your SharePoint.

Here are the steps for restoring the items or documents from the Recycle Bin.

Click on Site Settings -> Site Content. 

Navigate to any document library.

In this example, we already have a document library with some files.

Now, I am going to show you the deletion and restoration processes using the Recycle Bin feature.

Select a file and click "Delete".

Don't worry, the file that has been deleted can be restored from the Recycle Bin within a minute.

Navigate to Site Actions -> Site contents

Click on the Recycle Bin.

Now, you are able to see all of deleted list items and documents.

Just click on the checkbox to restore the file or delete it permanently.

Click on the "Restore Selection" link above.

Now the document has been restored successfully.


That's it. Hopefully this blog will be helpful for SharePoint beginners and sharepoint Admins who need quick restoration of files­.

Happy SharePointing!.