Routine Article Descriptions

I've been reading latest articles which i found most useful all of them in different areas in C# Corner and other MindCracker websites.

But the problem for nearly every author is; we're addicted to term "In this article..."

That one hell of a sentence shows itself in every article description or the beginning of article.

For example:

Article Header: Building a Windows Phone Game
Article Description: In this article, I'll be talking about Building a Windows Game.

So look at the above sample article submission and tell me what you think?

Do you think it really explains in short that what kind of Windows Phone Game,which tools you use, which libraries you'll use?

I dont think so.

So the problem I saw is; we're being a little lazy while writing an Article Description.

To solve it, I hereby suggest using different kind of descriptions which explains the article in short.

Cant we just use something different such as;

* [This technology] has a "x feature". i'd like to tell you what and how it does!

* You want to start coding in "x technology" ,eh? Im going to show you how to do it!

* Last night/yesterday,i was working on a "x technology" application.And i found something useful and i'd like to share it with you

* What is "x technology"? I'll be explaining the features and what you can do with it in details!

Finally, Dont get this personal!


As I've used the term very generally in my articles,even i feel not to read the article after i see this term used for Article Descriptions.I did that,too.i confess it! But we should choose other kinds of Article Descriptions. 

We can use different kinds of Article Descriptions as i've given examples above.

Most of the readers dont care what's written in the Description,but it looks all routine to me!

A little change would be good,dont you think?