Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs in oneday cricket

I'm not Sachin, I'm Abhimanyu and I have completed my 200 th Article. I'm very happy today and shared news right here.

I personally don't know about the qualities of my articles whatever I have posted since last 1 and half year. Before writing any post, i only think of readers, "will my reader get some benefits or not?". I never believe in listing. Surely, my articles are for beginners because I'm not expert. I'll write articles for Intermediate and Expert audience too in future. 

Confidently I can say, only by reading books can't anyone write articles for Intermediate and Expert audience. To write such articles need to join some outside meetings, seminars and any other discussion groups conducted by companies like Microsoft etc. 

Today I'm not at this stage to join such meetings because of many reasons, the big one is "I'm student" just completed my Bachelor and planning for Master now. Even the people around me here are not good in coding. If I say something to these people about MVP that I got, they started joking. Sometime I get frustrated, damn What I'm doing here. Even my friend circle who has completed Bachelor with me, they are soo fool (bad to say but this is true). I don't have circle support here and many more.

Well, I don't care about all of them. My first goal is to complete my Master and go out of them. Thanks to Dhananjay and Mahesh here, they are good guy and coder as well.

Have a Happy Coding!!

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