Four Important Sales Automation Strategies

When I started my business, I worked like a superman. If any project was coming, I jumped into it for conversion. But slowly, this habit converted into compulsion. This is what happens with most small and medium businesses. 

As a business owner, I can feel the pain of a small business. No matter how good your sales team is, most deals only get converted when business owners are involved in them. That sets a sales limitation for your organisation.

There is no debate about how important sales is for your business. No sale no business, it’s tthat simple. But at the same time, it is hard to find an ideal salesperson for your business. 

However, now it is not so hard, because technology has reached a level where you can set up the right system and let your team follow it step by step. It’s called Sales Automation.

I am going to reveal four strategies which any business needs to set up for a powerful sales team and processes in their business

Customer Journey

The first change you need to make in your business is to list down all steps that are involved, from the first step to sale. This is called the customer journey in digital terms. 

For example, in any business, a customer comes to your website and takes interest in your product/services. If they are sharing details with your business, it means that customers are in need. 

Once your business acquires the customer's contact details, the standard processes of the customer journey are:

  1. Inquire about customer needs.
  2. Educate them about your solution. 
  3. Suggest the correct product and services. 
  4. Handle objections until the customer no becomes a customer yes. 
  5. Share quotations. 
  6. Negotiate.
  7. Close the deal. 

Every business has their own type of customer journey. Businesses need to list these and set up a digital platform to track their customer journey. Then they can take the right steps at the right time. 

Right Communication Template

Communication templates are the most effective resource for business. No matter which channel you are using for communication, whether it's email, phone calls,  or messages. If you are not able to understand a customer’s psychology and handle objections properly, sales will not take place. 

To handle this better, you need to list customer questions, emotions related to products and service, and script the best possible reply for them using digital templates.

For example, if any customer visited your site and left after looking at some products, the next time they visit you can show the same customer similar products or you can show them through automated emails. 

If the customer did not take interest, you can drop some quality suggested products based on similar customers' profiles, age, sex, and location. 

You can educate customers as to how these products helped similar customers. This can help customers in deciding to buy. 

If your business communicates with customers on the phone, you can design the best script using the Knowledge Base articles that your salesperson should refer to every week, to learn better ways to communicate with customers and be able to direct them in the right direction in the sales process. 

Customer Experience

Nowadays, the Customer Experience is a key factor. This is true from your website's landing page to lead generation. Yuor sales process should be seamless. Customers should not face any problem in accessing your products and services. They should be available in one click, and at first look best on the customer profile. The best example of this is Amazon. 

Also, your business should be open for queries and support right from its start, so you can clear doubts before anyone becomes your customer. 

A common mistake every business makes is trying to provide more and more information about their business. In the process they forget about what the customer is looking for. This is annoying practice in the digital world. 

Because communication is easy, don’t spoil it. Instead, try to utilise it in the best possible way. Give the right information at the right time based on customer needs, desires and problems, with the least effort made by customers.

Right Execution

Though you have outlined the customer journey and documented a sales script and automated email template for every step of the customer journey, and also developed the best UX process for customers, if you don’t set up an automated process that can execute the complete process in the most effective way, you are not going to make it as powerful as it can be. 

Set up the right automation tools and integrate them into a dashboard so thatsales executives can make quick decisions instead of searching for the right data. 

All your automation software should be integrated into one place and should give your business the best overview of processes and conversation. 

For best execution, you need the following things:

  1. A great team with the correct communication- and decision-making skills. You can set up this team by defining the roles of sales team members and giving them the right script to practice.
  2. Use the best available automation tools. These can execute steps of automation and give your team the best insights.


If you're struggling to generate more sales as a business, you need to set up the right processes and automate using the best available softwares and tools. Systems work where people fail.

Using Sales Automation tools like Dynamics 365 Sales, you can create a powerful sales process and customer journey, scripting template and automated emails. This helps businesses to understand the customer’s stage in the sale process and provide the right information.