Set Up A Folder With Unique Permission In SharePoint

This blog may help you to understand about the SharePoint Permission and how we can make a folder or document library with unique permission.

First let us see, how the permissions work in SharePoint at Site Collection Level

You can see what permission levels are available at site or site collection level by accessing Gear button on right top then site setting and then site permission, then you can locate the permission level option on the top ribbon. It will display all the permissions


  • Full Control: Can do all the activities within a site or site collection
  • Design: Can view, update, delete the document and  can customize the SharePoint page
  • Edit: Mostly this permission user can add, edit, and delete the document, folder, and list item
  • Contribute: same as edit permission
  • Read: this user can only view the item and document, can note edit or delete and can download
  • View Only: same as read permission but user could not download any document


Ok, let us see how the SharePoint Site Permission setup in every site collection, whenever the SharePoint site or Site collection is setup, by default this would create three permission groups
  • Site Title Owner – Mostly have the full control

  • Site Title Member – will have the contribute or edit permission
  • Site Title Viewer – will have the Read or View permission

Initially, the SharePoint Permission group will create at parent site, and will be applicable for all child items like sub-site, list, document library, documents, and items.


This concept is called Permission Inheritance, whenever you change something at parent or child level it will synchronize or reflect on both.

So now let us see how to break the SharePoint Permission group and make a folder with unique permission

First, I am creating one Document library in my site collection and I am creating one folder called unique (as of now that folder inheritance the permission from parent, which means from site collection)

Now select that folder and go for the option by clicking that three dots and then clicking details and in the right panel you can see manage access. From there you can see who hasaccess to that folder and then drag to bottom and there you can see the advanced option, just click it

Below you can see that folder permission is inheriting from the parent, which means everyone who has acess to the parent folder can see it

So, I am going to break that permission level by clicking the stop inheriting permission, once you click it will ask for confirmation and just click OK

Now you can see below that indicates, the folder has unique permission. Now you can remove everyone from the folder permission group and add those who are required to access that folder


Now only that person can see and access the folder, who has been added to the folder permission group. Remaining users can’t see that folder in the document library (just hidden from their view)

Again, if you want to make that folder visible to everyone just click delete unique permission from left top of the ribbon and it will again join to the parent permission.