Solve SharePoint Error - Updates Are Currently Disallowed On GET Requests


One of my SharePoint engineers was getting an error while clicking the General settings page in SharePoint 2016 on-premises.

Exact Error 

SharePoint Error - Updates are currently disallowed on GET requests. To allow updates on a GET, set the ‘AllowUnsafeUpdates’ property on SPWeb.
This error occurs while clicking the General setting of Web Application in SharePoint Central Administrator.
SharePoint Central Administrator >> Manage Web Applications >> Select Web Application (From List) >> General Settings >> General Settings.
After a bit of research, we found an easy solution, as shown below. 


Using PowerShell Scripts ( SharePoint Management Shell),
Run this PowerShell script:
  1. $web = get-spwebapplication http://SharepointUrl  
  2. $web.HttpThrottleSettings  
  3. $web.Update()   
Kind Regards!