SharePoint Workflow Auto Cleanup Timer Job 2013

How many of you noticed that your workflow history and task list are being removed after every 60 days when the workflow status is Completed or Cancelled? who is responsible for this.

Yeah , you guess it right from the title of the blog "SharePoint Workflow Auto Cleanup timer Job".

By default the timings for removing task list and workflow history list is 60 days. We can change that according to our choice.

This job is enabled by default. If you want to disable it, to retain the workflow history information. Here are the steps below:

  1. From Central Administration, click the Monitoring tab.

  2. On the Monitoring page, click Review job definitions.

  3. On the Timer Job Definitions page, click Workflow Auto Cleanup to edit the appropriate timer job.

  4. On the Edit Timer Job page, click Disable and then click OK to disable the Workflow Auto Cleanup feature.

Happy SharePointing :-)