Simple and Powerfull ASP.NET Editor - WebMatrix

Remember the days of Classic ASP? You know when you could build an entire application in notepad and some simple VBScript? Then Visual Interdev came along and well 12 years later we have a mountain range of classes and Visual Studio 2010 along with other productivity tools to help us build web applications.

What if I said you could have all that simple freedom back to develop web sites? Well you can. Microsoft has just announced its latest web development platform and tool, Microsoft WebMatrix which utilizes the new Razor syntax.

There are several key audiences Microsoft is trying to appeal to with WebMatrix. In particular the PHP and Ruby crowds as well as new developers. The Webmatrix experience is designed to be a step up from the notepad development experience, but not overwhelming like Visual Studio can sometimes be.

WebMatrix Display

My initial impressions have been really favorable. As seasoned as I am with Visual Studio I really like the simple approach with WebMatrix. One thing that I do find to be missing is no intellisense or auto-completion. So be aware of those missing features professional .NET developers are typically accustomed to using.


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