Single-Page Application (SPA) - Future Trends of Technology

The future trends cannot be predicted precisely, but a guess work around it is possible. When Silverlight was rising, it was in talk everywhere. But now, it has been mowed over by HTML5. Microsoft itself is promoting HTML5 and has announced the migration from Silverlight. Another such technology was Flash! People, everywhere, thought that JavaScript is gone and Flash will reign, but the result is what? Today, the most popular technology is JavaScript and Flash is about to become a goner.
Let me conclude with a simple sentence by cutting the long story short of the“Future Trends of Technology Guesswork”. Every day, technology is evolving with new mechanisms and approaches. We need to pick one that best suits the current demand.
Earlier, our Web servers comprised HTML pages (static websites), and then a time of the Dynamic web sites using DHTML, and JavaScript came. Technology evolved more and we got the Active Server Pages mechanism to serve the dynamic content more. This too went away for a more powerful approach and the new web servers started populating with the pages.
In order to serve the application over browsers from desktops, we made huge changes in the technologies. AJAX approaches become popular. jQuery library made a big change in creating AJAX enabled applications. But, we didn’t stop here too! We came up with a new MVC, a new way of delivering and handling the user request, using the controller classes and Razor views.
If we think about these 2 latest, approaches – 1) Web Forms and 2) MVC, we get a common thing and that is “serving more using a single page” by applying AJAX features. And this gives birth to the“Single Page Application” SPA. We boosted at the scripting level (client-side) and started making the new JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, EmberJS etc., for building cool and great applications. Now, our JavaScript frameworks talk about routing and even the session too.
In fact, we are now trying to move most of the HTML rendering and Ajax enabled logic on the client side (browser end). In short, more work is being done at the client and the server is being used just for managing the data & workflows. This enhances the responsiveness and also saves server processing cost.
Well, it means we are going to see the SPA as the new trending technology after Web Forms and MVC. But, it will take time as most of the applications are still in the web forms and many companies do not have the courage to move on from MVC. Also, some applications don’t fit into it too!

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