Working With Yammer And Planner To Showcase On Modern Sites


Hi guys, today I would like to post a cool blog for everyone about Yammer integration with Planner, and then O365 Resources like Sites/Libraries/Outlook/One Note. The goal is to publish them using Modern Webparts on Modern Sites to achieve the best utilization and performance of all team members in your tasks/goals/projects/etc.
Login to your
Search for Yammer on Google.
Log into Yammer. 
Add members to make sure that they get the notifications on all the conversations making on this Yammer Group. 
Add a suitable name, description, and icon to your Yammer group.
Now start adding conversations like quick chats, bullet points, simple points, etc.
You can also upload files related to this topic. 
Create a new conversation with new content too!
Add any more members that you want to get notified who may/may not be in your Yammer Group.
Add a Question section for answers from your team members. A Pinned section on the bottom-right area helps to pin a few important Documents from your Local/SharePoint/Yammer/Links in order to highlight them. However, we can only select 1 file at a time to pin.
Quick access to the planner is available under the Office 365 Resources and Planner Hub, in order to create a suitable Bucket relevant to your Project Tasks list.
Just add members. 
Add more and more buckets as per your new category.
Coming back to Yammer, check the insights section for a full report about the ongoing or completed activities. You can easily download a full report for your Offline analysis too.
There are other O365 Resources apart from Planner, such as Library, Site, and OneNote, which can be also be used for further preservation of your task or group related attachments/assets or for creating a quick new documents from the scratch just start using OneNote.
Finally, I would like to conclude that you should use the Conversations and Highlights Modern Webparts to showcase all your Yammer related conversations/activities on your Modern SharePoint Pages.
This is how we can make our lives easier, by doing lots of amazing work on Yammer, integrate it with Planner and other O365 resources, and finally showcase them for smarter & quicker presentations on Modern SharePoint Pages!