Solution for an Error During Hosting WebAPI in IIS 7

unrecognized attribute 'targetframework'. note that attribute names are case-sensitive. iis 7

Scenario: added a WebAPI application in IIS and tried to browse ,it prompt me a yellow error window as shown below.
Error is => unrecognized attribute 'targetframework'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive IIS7.
To sort this issue please follow these steps.
Go to IIS and Right click on Application ->  Manage Application-> Advance Settings and change the Application pool value from "DefaultAppPool" to "ASP.NET v4.0" and press ok . Kindly follow the image given below to understand more:
Now browse an application again. Go to IIS and Right click on Application -> Manage Application-> Browse.

I hope it will work .Mine started working.
Happy Coding :)