Solving Gradle Sync Issues In Android Studio 2.3 Update

With every update, Android Studio packs dozens of new features, improvements and bug fixes for the developers.

With these great new features, however, there come some issues as well. One of the well known annoying issues is the dialog box, which says GRADLE SYNC FAILED!

In an Android Studio 2.3, the gradle sync problem given below occurs while opening an old project, i.e. projects, which were not made in an Android Studio 2.3

The error says,


Failed to open zip file.
Gradle's dependency cache may be corrupt (this sometimes occurs after a network connection timeout.)
Re-download dependencies and sync project (requires network)
Re-download dependencies and sync project (requires network)

To solve this problem, follow the steps given below.

1. Open file.

2. Change the gradle version to 3.4.1 and click Try Again, i.e. synchronize the project.

3. After the synchronization finishes, a popup to update gradle plugin version will appear. Hit Update.

Congratulations, you have solved the problem.