SQL Server 2014 Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)

I had recently download SQL server 2014 standard edition in SQL Server 2014 and all its features are installed. Everything was just working fine and then suddenly a requirement came for DTSX package and I was searching everything i.e Microsoft Visual Shell I didn’t find anything anywhere and I searched on Google and then found that for BIDS (Business Intelligence development studio you need to download a different exe and install it. Earlier it was integrated with SQL Server versions now you have to download a different exe in order to develop BIDS environment.

As you can download exe in X86 and X64 platform respectively and start installing here are some useful links where you can download BIDS is nothing but Microsoft visual Shell .

Just download from here for SQL Server 2014.

When you download exe just run that exe on server or Local PC and then just make necessary selection the important selection is,


After selection of feature BIDS environment will get it installed now just wait for 10 minutes and you will see that it will get installed.


Click On that and enjoy BIDS,


You will see all the packages are installed correctly here. Now it’s time to explore things  ... enjoy ... Cheers.