SQL Server Management Studio: SSMS Utility

It is used to start SQL Server Management Studio from a command prompt.This is an  executable file SSMS.Exe Write SSMS on the Run Window.


For More details use:- SSMS/? We can directly open SQL Server Management Studio.

Here are the following options in SSMS

[-S]- Server name

Example : SSMS -s ServerName

[-U]- username

Example: SSMS -s ServerName -U username

[-P]- password

Example: SSMS -s ServerName -U username -P Password

[-d]- Database name

Example: SSMS -s ServerName -d Database Name -U username -P Password

- nosplash

Without showing the splash screen -nosplash. It Prevents opening SQL Server Management Studio.

[-E]: It is used to open with Windows Authentication.

[scriptfile] Ssms "DriveName:\ScriptsFiles\EndQuery.sql"

[projectfile] Ssms "\\Project\NewProj.ssmssqlproj"

[solutionfile] Ssms "DriveName:\solutions\YearReport.ssmssln"