SQLite Viewer - An Alternate Option For Browsing SQLite Database

The segment discusses the variety of applications that store their data in SQLite database format and how SQLite Viewer applications are used to view the database components.

Overview of SQLite Database

SQLite is the widely used database software library and this fact is lesser known by users of the same applications that adapt usage of SQLite. The best thing about SQLite database is it is an independent development utility that is server-less, requires no configuration, and is self-contained, thus requires no maintenance too. Anybody can install and use it for application development purposes. According to experts, the best uses of SQLite database is suggested as an application file, website database, gadgets, or enterprise RDBMS. However, the database and development tool covers a wide spectrum.

The applications that already work with SQLite

The database is standalone and one can link it dynamically or statically according to their requirement. Being an ACID compliant platform, the tool is used by a number of devices and applications, which include the widest of variety as compared to any other. Some of them are computer operating systems, mobile operating systems, programming languages, web browsers, and many other uncategorized set of applications.

Implementation of SQLite in mobile operating systems and related applications is done especially because of ACID property. This way, a safe database access is provisioned to users even from multiple threads and processes.
Apart from this, SQLite is also used for many other qualities that it portrays for user benefit.
  • A separate individual server is not required for operating and working with SQLite thus, user convenience is received highly.
  • Apart from that, SQLite also does not require configuration because of which no administration is necessitated.
  • A single disk file is considered for storing the complete database of any application that SQLite is being used for.
  • The database created is cross platform, thus no restriction is encountered in its transfer or usage on OS whatsoever.
  • Even though, write process can only take each individually, read access is provided to multiple processes.
  • Unlike any other full-fledged database management system, SQLite is small and much smaller on omitting elective features.
  • SQLite does not have dependency on external elements or programs.
SQLite Data Type: Object Data

Data type of SQLite is an attribute that particularizes the kind of data stored within an object of the DB. In SQLite, every column, expression, or variable owns a related data type. SQLite has its datatype of a particular value associated with the respective value only and not with the container as it uses a generic type of dynamic data.

Implementations of SQLite Database

Skype is among the most in-use applications that have adopted SQLite format for database storage and management including chat records, chat history, and other activities carried out using the application. Similarly, web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and  Google Chrome, use SQLite as a storage format for their data.
However, what makes the difference is when you are using a standalone application where automatic database generation and storage is being done in SQLite DB format; its access isn’t so easy. You cannot directly open and view the .sqlite database file on the browser itself. Thus, a third party application or SQLite installation is what is required.

Browsers & Viewers for SQLite Database

To view or open SQLite databases, most prefer using a SQLite setup itself while others go for applications like database browser or opening utilities from external sources. However, the only limitation that is confronted with these is that, not all types of SQLite database can be opened using them.

Some may only support databases created on desktop computers, while others are strictly developed for viewing databases of Mobile operating systems or their applications. Thus, versatility is a major concern. However, the database is cross platform, but the options to access it at a unified platform are very few.

SQLite Viewer Programs

This is where third party software programs came into the scene. Many developers started designing applications that could open and load SQLite database regardless of the application or platform it belongs to. One such program is the SQLite Forensics tool, which is a freeware. It can open any SQLite based database and let you preview elements and entries in it without any inconvenience surfacing. Being a freeware program, it can be used by even novice users and on any Windows Operating system versions as the tool is a Windows based solution.