Steps to Create a Calendar Modern Page

This post explains the steps to create a calendar modern page
1. Go to site settings
2. Go to Manage site features
3. Activate the site pages & team collaboration lists features, as shown below:
4. Add a New Page
5. Added an Image for the Banner and added Group Calendar modern WP in the below section.
6. Go to Outlook and Create an O365 Shared Group as shown below:
7. Add Members
8. Check your Inbox to receive the welcome mailer for all created group members

9. Create a Team Site and associate under the given Hub A using the Modern Admin Centre
10. Add the Newly Created Group into the Group Calendar Section of the created Modern Page:-
<TenantAdminUrl>/sites/HubA/SitePages/Shared-Calendar.aspx and republish it.
11. Sync to the Calendar by clicking the Icon as shown
We can also view the same Modern Events WP as a classic events calendar WP by checking the site contents
We can add more Events/update existing events to get them displayed.
12. Create an Event/Appointment as shown by filling the following details in another scenario for a deeper level of understanding:
13. You can see added Events in the Calendar
14. Include the Group created in the Invited Members/Optional Invited Members at least so that it can be reflected in the Group Calendar WP.
15. Edit the Group Calendar with a suitable Title as shown below:
16. Site Settings -> Advanced Permissions -> Add the Created Group
17. After verifying that your added group is in the Intranet Members Group, please click the Sync to Calendar option again.
18. You can find the Group Calendar Events.
Notes on Calendars for Modern SharePoint
We have two types of calendars available in modern SharePoint
  • SharePoint Calendar
  • Group Calendar (Outlook based calendar)
SharePoint Calendar: Used to create events using the default SharePoint calendar. This is not an outlook calendar, but emails can be sent to users when a new event is created.
  • It’s a default SharePoint calendar
  • Can only be connected or synced with outlook desktop application.
  • Events can be displayed on the modern page using the “Events” webpart.
  • All the events from a specific site, current site, all the sites in a site collection, all the sites in the hub, current site events list, etc.
Group Calendar: This is an outlook based calendar and can be synced with outlook group calendar events.
  • Used to display outlook calendar events of a specific group.
  • Select an Office 365 group and display its calendar on your page.
  • Upcoming & past events only from a specific Office 365 group can be displayed and not multiple groups.
Office 365 Group Team Site can be created, with other available tools of O365 groups created along with it.
  • Group Team Site
  • Outlook group calendar
  • Planner
  • Teams Group
A group team site can be used to collaborate among the team with a dedicated Outlook distributed list, Task planner, and Teams channel.
By adding a group calendar web part on a modern SharePoint page all the outlook calendar events of a particular group can be Synced and displayed on the page.
Also, an already existing team site can be connected to an Office 365 group, provided that it is a root site collection and not a subsite.
Already existing subsites cannot be connected to Office 365 group.