Stop Survey Response In MS Forms

Hi folks! Hope this blog helps you to understand how to close a survey form once it crosses a particular time limit. Have you ever wondered if you have created a registration form and at some point, of time you don’t want to receive responses anymore? Let’s say you created one vaccination feedback form for your office employees, and you want to close that form before a specific time. So that employees are not allowed to fill that form after they cross the time limit for that registration form.

Let’s follow the below steps to achieve the above,

Step 1

Create the feedback form under a specific group. Now you must be thinking why we create a form inside a group. The reason is whenever an employee leaves the organization, we lost the form at the same time because the form is attached to a specific individual. For which it should be always created inside a group.

Stop Survey Response in MS forms

Step 2

Go to top right corner. Click on three dots and click on settings.

Step 3

Go to options for responses. Uncheck the “Accept Responses” checkbox. Add a customize message.

Step 4

Test the implementation. Go to the form. Fill all the details and submit. You will get the below message:-

Stop Survey Response in MS forms

This is how a user experience when the feedback form is closed after a specific time period.

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