.svc file in WCF

.svc file in WXF:-

.svc file is a text file. This file is similar to our .asmx file in web services. In other words, WCF services hosted in IIS are represented as special content files (.svc files) inside the IIS application. This model is similar to the way ASMX pages are represented inside of an IIS application as .asmx files.
A .svc file contains a WCF-specific processing directive (@ServiceHost) that allows the WCF hosting infrastructure to activate hosted services in response to incoming messages.
This file contains the details required for WCF service to run it successfully.

This file contains following details :
1. Language (C# / VB)
2. Name of the service
3. Where the service code resides

Example of .svc file:-
<%@ ServiceHost Language="C#/VB" Debug="true/false" CodeBehind="Service code files path" Service="ServiceName"
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