Technology which Gets the Best of Humanity and not the Worst

I was happy when I was reading the article of Microsoft's India-born CEO Satya Nadella. I want to share this information with you all about what he has said about how all the IT companies and technology firms need to build "respectful" technology which gets the best of humanity and not the worst.

"We want to take the power of human language and apply it more pervasively to all of the computing interface and interactions," Nadella said yesterday in his keynote address to thousands of developers at Microsoft's annual Build 2016 conference here. - Words of Satya Nadella. 

"All technology that we build has to be more inclusive and respectful..We want to build technology that gets the best of humanity and not the worst," Nadella said.
"We want all developers to infuse intelligence into their applications...As we infuse intelligence into everything it is important to have a principled approach," Nadella said.

He also showcased improvements to Cortana and announced previews of new cloud services and toolkits designed to create intelligent bots and also during the conference, Microsoft announced new additions to the Cortana Intelligence Suite. 
Last but not the least which impressed me is as follows,
"I believe technology can drive economic growth all over the world. Technology can empower us in our daily lives, be used to preserve our enduring values." Let's try to make technology a human friend, let's make a world better with technology rather than destroying it.