Ten reasons to go into software development ASAP!

    1. Software Development is booming right now and that will likely be the case for many many years to come.  As more and more companies are looking for ways to cut cost to stay afloat they are turning to software developers to maintain legacy systems, develop new and more efficient systems and tweak existing systems to make them more efficient.
    2. You get to work with the latest and best tech out there. Well most of the time, if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck maintaining legacy software (been there), then this point does not apply to you.
    3. As a software developer You can work anywhere. Because these days pretty much every company uses the internet and computers, and where there's internet and computers, there's software, and where there's software there are.....? Yep, you guessed it, software developers.
    4. The pay is not bad, could actually be really really good depending on your experience and smarts, don't believe me? Well, ask Mark Zuckerburg, Steve jobs and the Google guys.
    5. Low entry barrier.  Anybody can do it, though the more qualifications you get, the more your pay is likely to increase
    6. Its fun and challenging. Or should I say, it CAN be fun and challenging, can get pretty dull and unchallenging at times (testing and debugging)
    7. All the resources you need are easy to get and cheap as dirt (it rhymes). You don't need an expensive stethoscope or defibrillator to work (what's a defibrillator you say? those things doctors use in movies to bring people that just died back to life, you know the electric voltage things..no? just Google the word) , all you need is a computer, an internet connection and you are in business.
    8. People will think you are clever. For real think about it, what (apart from women) is more complicated than computers, if you can understand computers you can understand anything.
    9. Potentially relaxed hours. In most software development houses, it's not how many hours you put it, but how much you get done that really matters, so it's quite normal to work on something late into the night, send it to the office in the morning via email and come into work later.
    10. It's now cool to be a geek. Don't believe me? Well, ask Mark Zuckerburg, Steve jobs and the Google guys.
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