The Great Depression for Developers

History tells us The Great Depression was the biggest economic crisis of all started at 1929 and ended in 1940s.More than 10 years of time.

But what i would like to talk about is where "Developers" stand.We "developers" must always motivate ourselves in a way.If we dont,we'll be sad,unhappy.

But there's a greater challenge for developers.And every developer has lived that!

I'll be honest: Im having a depression.Maybe the greatest depression i have ever lived.Normally i would call it "non-motivational moments".But it became very severe these days.I dont enjoy coding or any IT-related work.I shut down my social media accounts.dont write a bit!

I've read a book about it lately.Telling me this crisis of mine is a "transition period".According to the book i must try to be happy and love my work.
But i dont feel like that.Something's going wrong.

I've several books,i bought recently.But never read a page!

I feel like i want to get away from IT industry and change my path.

But i cant.Im addicted to it.

Did you live "The Great Depression for Developers" ? What do you think? How many days/weeks/years took it from you?

Please share!