The New ASP.NET Core 1.0

ASP.NET 5 is now called ASP.NET Core 1.0. It is not yet officially released, they don’t have a date yet but they said they won’t take just a month but they won’t take years. You can use it today in production if you want to, but as it is not finished yet some things could break or be renamed.

ASP.NET 5 is dead, now it is called ASP.NET Core 1.0.

  • ASP.NET 5 is now ASP.NET Core 1.0
  • .NET Core 5 is now .NET Core 1.0
  • Entity Framework 7 is now Entity Framework Core 1.0

The rename happened because .NET Core is something new, it is not as complete as the .NET 4.6, it is a new concept.

To learn more about the ASP.NET decision subscribe to Scott Hanselmen on Youtube to check out the ASP.NET Community Standup. Every standup gets a blog post, you can follow it on MSDN blog with the tag communitystandup.

There is also a really interesting series on Channel9 from ASP.NET Monsters, they have a series of small videos explaining the bits of the new ASP.NET.

To play around with it you can install any updates that come in your notifications on Visual Studio then go to File > New Project > Web > ASP.NET > choose a template and you will get an initial setup where you can play. You can also check this chaotic repository called Entropy with experimental stuff.

And if you are curious about what I’m doing you can check my playground, I just started it.


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