The Ultimate Business Decision Maker’s Guide To Hybrid SharePoint

Hybrid SharePoint is an integration of cloud and on-premises environments. Features and data are hosted either on hardware that your organization owns or in Microsoft’s data centers. 

What features are included in SharePoint Hybrid?

  • User Profile Service. Delve is one of the applications in Office 365. It’s a user profile which tracks users' actions in every app within Office 365. On-premises SharePoint farm directs the users to delve profiles, rather than the standard user profile.

  • Search. Content from both the environments is displayed using SharePoint Hybrid.

  • Onedrive. You can configure hybrid settings to make the data available from both, the cloud and on-premises using on-premises OneDrive.

  • Hybrid Team Sites. It allows the users to follow sites which they access regularly.

  • Metadata Management. Metadata navigation and content migration are not seamless.



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