Things to Make a Note while Shifting Abroad for Software Developers


Its became a trend in India that if you are working abroad then the family members thinks that the person is getting more money and he is enjoying physical life. But when a person as a developer is shifting abroad, he should be aware of the things.

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India is becoming a country where many people want to work in foreign as the expectation of salary is high. Moreover many good software companies sees India as a major hub of software engineers, who want to work with passion. Many of my friends moved to Canada, Mexico, Saudi, Japan, China, Australia ,England and Germany. I have a contact of everyone and always eager to know their way of living, culture of their places. When they were with me(i.e classmates) I had no idea that they will move to some other countries for the sake of money and career.

Some of the points I will mention that the software developer guys should know when they are planning to shift in other country. Hope it may be helpful and make them aware of small but useful tips.

  1. When you are planning to shift, be aware of working condition. Exp. My friend in Japan had a problem with working condition as their companies are full packed and very less space is given to developer to keep the materials and they use to sit very close as we sit in classrooms (I am talking in India, in one bench 3 students that means within 4 feet 3 students should sit). May be not all companies would doing this stuff in Japan. But make sure you know the working condition of the company. He shared me some pics on whats up, hope i will share that pic with you all guys.
    Also know the working staff in that company, its never easy to make friends in a new company and moreover in software field.

  2. Take information about the accommodation and food before joining, basically most of the company are clear with this point. They will give the information in the papers or by word saying. If the accommodation and food is not included then please search on Internet, read the reviews of that particular places about food,living style, cultures and do and don't. I am saying so because Saudi country has very different cultures and food when we compare to India.

  3. Social life is an important factor which the person should be aware of. The person should not stare when the people is in their social life. The person should respect their culture and tradition.

  4. Next thing I should mention about that is VISA, I really do not know much about it. Make sure you have VISA and all other required documents when you are shifting.

  5. You should have skill/experience through which the company had selected you for the particular post. One of my friend was asked to be expert in C#, ASP .Net, LINQ, Reports, C# patterns and Entity Framework. He had never used LINQ and C# patterns. Now he is much struggling and getting scold from their seniors(He is in England).

  6. Salary is also a important factor that you should take care of, analysis the expenses, way of living style and surrounding of that place that you can save the money from your salary. I will not talk much on it as every person have their own way to utilize their salary. But be aware that you are getting proper and worthy salary of your post.

  7. Be make sure that your job is legal or not.

  8. Make sure that no company demands for money before joining. So if any company is demanding money for joining abroad do not trust them and try to find the reason behind it.We can get many examples that a person had deposited 10000 Rs in the bank account or speed post the Demand Draft with the favor of the particular company and now their are no responses from them.

That was the small effort from my aspect, if any points you guys experienced then please share.

Hope it will be helpful to you all guys.