Top 3 Giant Tech Trends In 2021


The walk for the implementation of Al is gaining a greater pace. In today's period of tech race, we need to understand and implement Al and thus convert human labor to human comfort.
The time has come when we should not think where an Al professional knowledge is applicable but think where the Al is not applicable if any! It certainly can be appropriately applied almost everywhere, starting from understanding the weather, the climate, the education's approach, and many others.

Let us walk through the current race of development that enables the superior heights of the sky.

How Quantum Computing derives its hope for development from a pandemic?

The vaccines that we make, have the shape of knowledge in quantum computing. It reveals quicker success and better vaccine options through the computational efforts of the computers.
The coming period will see several tastes and shades of development that will be fruitfully applied and incorporated through revolutionary ways of inventing vaccines using quantum computing and Al. The step-by-step approach turns faster than the airplanes, no one knows when!
But there is the scope and there is hope for our better future in this revolutionary takeoff of the latest technology principles. They excel us in more than one way! As if we are challenged to become giants of successes in areas never thought of before. The comfort turns to habit and the habit is supported by technology which makes us think to develop and also to delete the thoughts that dictate defeat.
The future holds reasons to invite through its open doors the understanding of nanoparticles, creation of new materials using atomic maps, and a view of the deeper makeup of the human body. This all and much more possible through quantum computing.

Al - Turning right to it! Holding tight on it!

The success of Al professionals has come up to the point where it has turned out to be a valuable addition to almost every business. COVID- 19, the pandemic that spread had brought with it the requirement of urgency in digital transformations and remote solutions.
As per the Boston Consulting Group Report, almost 80% of businesses plan to speed up their digital transformations. However, only 30% of digital transformations have so far exceeded or completed their target.
So, the battle is to be won at the Al professional front with the huge demands for their ability, talent, knowledge, and innovative contributions.
Al is that method that can convert high imagination dreams into a known reality. A new reality experienced in the future as a part of tomorrow’s possibility.

Deep Learning: The mission with smart steps moving towards the impossible

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, the pioneer of Deep Learning has recently said to MIT Technology Review that everything can be done using deep learning. What he means is that we can replicate human intelligence using it!
The possibility always exists, even if we neither accept it nor appreciate it! There is a reason to develop and that reason takes us ahead towards the impossible mission with speed and higher abilities. The idea of deep learning can be a reality since science has started walking towards it with the goal that it will be achieved. Nothing stands as impossible forever if we as professionals aim still higher during each passing semester. The fruit will be sweet of deep learning!
The task though tough cannot escape our sincere efforts at work! The onset of action of these trends is 2021 and the duration of benefits will be forever. It can be done because it is doable by ‘smart’ human minds.