Topics to be prepared for Interview as C# Developer

Some Topics & Questions for Interview from C#.NET as a Software Developer

Favorite & Evergreen question for every Interviewer and it starts.

Question:  Why would you like to change the company?

Answer: I am looking for a more challenging career in a company with a large number of employees like this one. I have my own career goal and thinking of that, the time has come for me to move onto the next ladder and make a mark for myself. This can be achieved by me in a company like this.

Following are the topics from C#.NET

  • .NET Framework.
  • CLR
  • CLS
  • CTS
  • Classes & Objects
  • OOP’s
  • Concepts of OOP’s (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction)
  • Difference b/w Abstract & Interface
  • What is Static Class ?
  • Difference b/w Overloading & Overriding.
  • Boxing & Un-boxing.
  • Array List & Hash Table.
  • Partial Class.
  • Delegates.
  • String Builder & System string.
  • Value Type & Reference Types.
  • Synchronization & Serialization.
  • Constructor & Methods.
  • Types of memory in .NET.
  • Constants, Read-Only & Static.
  • Static Keyword in .NET.
I personally think these topics will help you in clearing the interview as a Software Developer. Since it only contains the C# Section you will have to read the next post it will give you full idea about topics which are asked from ASP.NET & SQL Server. My next post will be covering the topics & questions usually asked from ASP.NET Section. “Always be prepared for interview”.


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