Unbelievable Cool Games Made in Microsoft Excel

How many of you know that Excel can be used to create games? Well, at least not me. Recently, I was surfing the net and found that some guys at SpreadSheet1.com built an entire game in Microsoft Excel. Yes, you heard me correctly! These geniuses made an exact replica of a viral mobile game 2048, just in Excel format. You can play the game in Offline or Online mode and save it for later just like an excel file. Don't forget to Enable Macros.

Spreadsheet Version

However, some of the folks reading this blog are afraid of being caught playing 2048 at work. Guys, there is a solution for you. A reddit user named Krzychu81 created a "Corporate Version" of this game by camouflaged the game into financial statements. So play this game and be discrete at work.

This isn't the only popular game made in Excel. Cary Walkin, an accountant from Canada designed a full role-playing game called Arena.Xlsm. It is a turn-based strategy game. The turn order is that the player can make a move and then the enemy will make a move. It works well in all the Excel versions on Windows. Unfortunately, it won't work on the Mac version of Excel.


In addition to Arena.xlsm, Cary designed Candy Number Crunch Saga, a creative game having 35 unique news events that impacts the stock price.

There are several other games out there. It's like these guys took the games we all used to play to a whole another level and gave us a reason to use Excel. Happy Gaming!


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