Upcoming Silverlight 3 launch

As June draws to an end, there's something interesting and exciting to look forward to in the July. This exciting event is...the upcoming launch of Silverlight 3 and Expression
Studio 3 on July 10th in Bay Area, San Francisco. 

There's a lot in store for developers and lot more for those who are already familiar with Silverlight and Blend. 

Here's a list of some features that you can look forward to in the new release:

3D support
Pixel shaders
H.264 video support
Perspective 3D
Animation enhancements
Bitmap APIs
Improvements to the media stack
Updates to the style model
Data binding improvements
Improved resource handling
Improvements to the web services stack
New additional controls

For a complete tour of the features, do check this awesome link:

where Joe Stegman, Group Program Manager of the Silverlight runtime team, speaks about the new version of Silverlight at MIX 09.