using other language tham english in dot net wibdows application

Lets See How we can use other language in dot net windows application

It is very simple you just have to follow some simple steps

1) You must have that font installed on your PC whatever you want to use  in your application suppose(Marathi). If you want to use Marathi font then just download form internet you will get lot of there very easily  and install it in your PC under  fonts folder available in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts

2)Now if you want to use it in your textbox just right click on textbox and select properties and sets its font property to Marathi, your dot net application now ready to use Marathi font

you need not to install any any other font software's for it
Note:font which you have installed on your PC will only be displayed in list of font folder of properties along with inbuilt fonts provided by dot net and not only textbox you can assign it whatever control you want like buttons etc

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