Visual Studio 11 not 2011

The next release of vNext gets mis-read/stated very frequently as visual studio 2011, instead of it's real name Visual Studio 11...

Daniel Moth clears out the confusion in the naming used for the .net release vNext and gives some background on the philosophy of naming..

Quoting from his blog:

The "11" refers to the version number (internally we call it Dev11). What the product will be called when it is released is anyone's guess (it could keep the name or it could have a year appended to it, or it could be something else, who knows). Even if it does have a year appended to the name, I think it is a safe bet it won't be last year!"

Interesting tidbit
"For further reference, older releases were: Visual Studio 2008 (v9) aka "Orcas", Visual Studio 2005 (v8) aka "Whidbey", Visual Studio .NET 2003 (v7.1) aka "Everett", and Visual Studio .NET 2002 (v7) aka "Rainier". Before that, we were in the pre-.NET era with Visual Studio 6 (where the version and the product name matched, without the year appended to the name)."

Just that so many people are getting a false visual reading - Microsoft, could you please use better names! just to avoid some "oh well!"s