Web API Application For Logging And Exception Handling


The objective of this Web API application is to create a easy configurable and reusable application for logging and exception handling in the database or csv file, or both, according to your business needs.

  • .Net Framework : 4.5
  • Web API Version : 2.0
  • MVC Version : 4.0
  • Database Used : SQL Server 2012
Configuring LoggingApp

Step 1

Download and unzip the project files from https://subhajit69.github.io/LoggingApp/

Step 2

Change MsgLoggingFIlePath and dbLogConnection values to your desired file logging path and database connection string.

Step 3

Run the script file DBScript.sql to your database for [dbo].[tblExceptionLog] and [dbo].[tblMessageLog] table creation.

Step 4

Host LoggingApp to the IIS server and note down the hosting url.

Step 5

Copy and Paste LoggingProcessor.cs file from ClientApp folder to your project folder for which you need logging message and exception. Change the namespace ClientApp accordingly.

Step 6

Copy and paste Constant.cs file to your project folder and change the namespace ClientAppaccordingly.

Step 7

  • Add the following appSettings lines to your projects app setting folder. Change http://localhost:[Your Hosting Port]/ part of MessageLoggingApiUrl and ExceptionLoggingApiUrl value to your LoggingApp hosting url.
  • LoggingTypeValue value can be either of DB/File/All for logging in database or csv file or both place
    <add key="MessageLoggingApiUrl" value="http://localhost:18235/api/LogData/LoggingData"/> <add key="ExceptionLoggingApiUrl" value="http://localhost:18235/api/LogData/LoggingExceptionData"/> <add key="loggingTypeValue" value="All"/>

Step 8

  • In the HomeController.cs the sample code is provided for logging message and exception through LoggingExceptionProcessor and LoggingMessageProcessor attribute.
  • RequestLogging and RequestExceptionLogging method can also be called for logging message and exception from required places creating instance LoggingMessageProcessorAttribute and LoggingExceptionProcessorAttribute class respectively.

Authors and Contributors

Find my profile in GitHub Subhajit Ray, (@subhajit69)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with configuration? Drop a mail to subhajit.ray69@gmail.com


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